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Writer's Block: Bah Humbug Day!

Take a deep breath. Now rant about something.

This is the first time in forever that I even post to my journal or answer one of these dumb questions, just so I can say: GET YO ACT TOGETHER LIVEJOURNAL. I HAVE NEVER YELLED AT A WEBSITE LIKE THIS IN MY LIFE. I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU, WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU.

No but seriously.

This new layout is really ugly and counter-productive. The userpic preview is the worst idea ever, thank god I only have fifteen of them (and it still annoys me). The lack of subject lines is jarring and without them it is difficult to put on trigger warnings or label comments. But worst of all you had to go and removing the parent and thread link options. Those made it easier to navigate and open large threads into a different window. Ugh, I just really hate this new layout.

In Conclusion:

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I'm the Goddamn Batman

Long time no post. But you know my life is boring, so you haven't missed much.

Except that today I was a shiny crime fighting hero! (Except not really, it's not like a I stopped a murder or something, but still ... I technically stopped a crime, so I am going to stick with this new label for myself)

So here's what happened:

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Good luck with all the food, pretty lights and slightly drunk relatives today.

I hope nobody found any coal in their stockings. I got the first book in the Hunger Games series and a perfume and scented showergel by Playboy.

Here's my present for you lot:

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Look at this shiny webbadge


I made it through another NaNo! Even though I started over halfway through November to start a different story because the old one sucked. Which means I kinda wrote a 50.000 word novel in 15 days. Go self! lol, I was so worried I wasn't going to make it.

Anyone else win NaNo this year?
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I'm starting to feel old.

Today is my birthday. Yay! It's cool as always, I got loads of presents, went out clubbing with my friends last Saturday, yesterday I went out to dinner with my Grandparents and tonight my mom is cooking me my favourite dish. But it's also a bit weird.

Like, I am 21 now. Twenty fucking One. That's like way old man. One foot in the grave and all that jazz. But seriously, it feels weird being at an age were I should be an adult now. I am getting my Masters degree so that is something adult like, but apart from that. Yeah, it's not really happening.

Lets not put a damper on these things and instead lets part behind the cut!

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I couldn't go to any parties this year, cause I was in Belgium to celebrate a cousins wedding. I was back on Sunday, but there were no parties here then and everyone was still knocked out from Saturday night.

But I did dress up, for shit and giggles and pretended to shoot my brother all night long. Ha! Then we watched Supernatural together, which was a nice. He didn't want to watch an horror movie with me though, since he's a wuss. But then again, so am I, so I didn't watch one alone.

So not the best of Halloweens, but I did have a little bit of fun. Plus I think I looked like a cool if somewhat low budget Lara Croft

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I also just started with this years NaNoWriMo. So far I got 2000 words. Woohoo!
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I just got back from the hairdresser and they cut off such a huge chunk of my hair that I kinda feel naked now. Lol, stop whining self, your hair is still freakishly long. But it does look and smell good, I need to find the shampoo they used.

As you can see I zombified my default in the spirit of Halloween. As always I am excited.

This year I am thinking of going as either Lara Croft or Alice from the RE movies. I am leaning towards the former. Do you have any ideas yet?
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Muffins and Evil Dentist Who I Suspect Is A Sadist.

Just made a batch of muffins. Am slowly turning into a stepford wife, will be wearing poodle shirts shortly. More news on deliciousness off muffins later.

In slightly related news, I had a total bad start this morning.

I had to go to the dentist at 8:10, so I had set my alarm clock. Only last time I had to go the dentist I overslept, so my subconscious decided to fuck with me and have me dream about trying to get to the dentist on time and failing every single time. It was like the lamest version of Run Lola Run ever.

When I did get to the dentist in the real world, I was tired, cranky and hungry, since I hadn't eaten yet. Cue the dentist cheerfully telling me I had a hole in my teeth and that he was gonna drill it. Did I need any anesthetic? Now I like to think of myself as pretty though when it comes to pain (plus needles freak me out like whoa) so I said sure.


So he gives me the shot, with this big ass needle. I slowly feel my left side of my face going numb and he starts drilling. Only the fucking anesthetic didn't work! I still felt the drill and I swear I was shaking like a leaf, taking deep breaths. But I did survive without crying which I think is a bit of a moral victory. Another victory was me messing up the magazines in the waiting room. Juvenile, I know, but I really hate this fucking dentist.
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there is a reason i never wanted to be an hairdresser

I just trimmed my own bangs (because I am a cheapskate and my hair grows like freakishly fast) and I might have overdone it a little.

So now I have really short bangs on one side and slightly longer on the other, since I was too much of a pussy to cut it all short to make it match. Instead it's a bit of an asymmetrical cut.

It looks kinda cool actually, but I am so totally gonna ask my mom to cut it again next time.

Anyone of you ever had hair troubles?