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Firecrackers storageroom

Avoid open fire......

Miss Procrastination, LL.M.
I'm just your regular internet dweller. I don't post much in my own journal because I am boring and lazy. I mostly post the icons I make when I'm bored and lately I have started to answer the writers block questions. Who knows what will happen next! I might actually start blogging. Fancy that.
I'm always in for a good laugh and as a rule I don't take anything serious that's written on the web.

Last Movie I saw: Immortals Yeah ... idk about my feelings on this movie. The visuals were awesome, but the plot sucked. Theseus wouldn't stop whining (which made it hard for me to ogle him) and I felt like the Gods were really underused. Though Zeus was one fine fellow, both as old man (John Hurt I #heart you) and young dude (dayum Luke Evans where've you been hiding), just saying. Loved his miniskirt.
Book I am currently reading: What to do when you meet Cthulhu: a guide to surviving the cthulhu mythos by Rachel Gray. I only just got it and I already love it. It's this hilarious analysis of HP Lovecrafts work and how you should deal with all the monsters that pop up and try to kill you. Simple things like: Lock your door, poke it with a stick and other funny crap.

BTW: If you are interested in my icons and/or fanfiction writing, head on over to gloomyivashkov. Right now contains a few stories and some icons and wallpapers. It's nothing much yet, but who knows, maybe one day it will!



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